Two friends who love The County.


Jaime and Aaron met through a mutual love of The County. We bonded over the course of numerous picturesque road trips through the countryside intermittently singing at the top of our lungs, and comparing notes on our favorite vintage stores, beers and musicians. 

We both love and appreciate the quality of The County experience - great food, great wine and great people! Not to mention the amazing turn-of-the century architecture, beautiful old towns and amazing water views at every corner.

It didn't take long for us to find The Wilky Way property and dive deep into a transformative renovation to emerge on the other side exhilarated by the process and so excited to share our experience with our guests!


Jaime Kowal:

Jaime excels at applying her creative eye across a number of modalities and projects. She is the Founder and Creative Director of The Desert Collective - a collection of boutique properties located in hot destinations from Palm Springs to Prince Edward County. She is the Co-Founder and Designer on many projects including The Amado, Jacques Drive, Ernest Coffee, Bootlegger Tiki, The Ferg and now The Wilky Way!  She has worked as a freelance photographer for eighteen years and continues to provide imagery with a focus on design, culture and travel for editorial clients around the globe including Delicious Magazine, The New York Times, and Condé Nast Traveller. She is a brand ambassador for Tumi and part of their California campaign 2018.

Aaron David:

Aaron David is a seasoned entrepreneur and real estate developer based out of Toronto Ontario. Aaron began his career as co-founder of Campus Vacations, a student travel company for college and university students across North America. In 6 years from inception to acquisition, Campus Vacations expanded its customer base to 90 campuses across North America and Europe featuring 8 product destinations and travelling over 50,000 students. Campus Vacations was acquired in 2013. Following his exit from the travel industry Aaron founded Owl Capital Investments, a real estate firm with a focus on sustainable developments. Owl Capital is currently developing a 60 acre sustainable waterfront resort in Prince Edward County. Owl also owns and manages two commercial properties in Ontario and is an investor in a 45 unit townhome community in Toronto.